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You can find the latest downloads here from our main Vanilla pack to our ModPack support. Please make sure you use our official links for downloads as this way you are ensured to get the latest and great from Soartex! If you are looking for modpack downloads please follow this link

If anything is wrong with the downloads or you have a problem using the pack please post a report here and a member of staff will help you out.

Main Downloads

NameMC VersionPack VersionDownloads
Soartex Fanver1.7.xv2.7Download
Soartex Fanver1.6.xv2.6.4Download
Soartex Fanver1.5.xv2.4.2Download
Soartex Fanver1.4.xv2.3Download
Soartex Fanver1.3.xv1.3Download
Soartex Fanver1.2.x +v1.2Download

Vanilla Lite

Finding oour main pack a bit hard to run on your system? Well how about try out our lite version of the pack, this has less animations and cmts removed. So your game does not have to do so much, this version of the pack is ideal for people with RAM limits and system limits. So why not give this pack a try to see if your game speed improves?

NameMC VersionPack VersionDownloads
Soartex Fanver Lite1.7.xv1.0Download

Snapshot Downloads

Sorry there are no snapshot downloads currently :(