• Run Minecraft
  • Click "Options"
  • Click "Resource Packs"
  • Click "Open resource pack folder"
  • Drag Soartex into the resource pack folder

Soartex packs have many extra graphic features that can be enabled by installing Optifine or MCPatcher.

Shader packs are resource intensive, but a great way to improve graphics. Karyonix's shader mod enables the use of shader packs. Invictus Shader has normal and specular maps designed to make blocks look 3D when using shader packs.

  • Update Java. If you have a 64 bit PC, ensure you have a 64 bit version of Java installed.
  • Update your graphics driver.
  • Allocate more memory to Minecraft. This can be done easily through the Minecraft launcher in the profile settings. I suggest allocating 2GB using the JVM argument.
  • Close down other programs. They may be consuming precious CPU/GPU/RAM resources needed for Minecraft.
  • Install Optifine, then tweak the settings to make further improvements.
  • Limit FPS at 60, even if you can't hit 60FPS. This will prioritize and greatly speed chunk loading without reducing visual performance.

The Minecraft wiki has a great article on improving performance.

Fanver is faithful to the original style of Soar49, while Invictus aims to establish a new taste with reduced patterns and aliasing. Invictus is optimized to interpolate well with mipmapping and has presaturated foliage and grass for greater depth of color. Fanver is community developed while Invictus is developed by Shoeboxam with Goldbattle.

The developer of Invictus, "Shoeboxam," is a long-term primary contributor of textures included in Fanver. Nearly all graphics work from over two years by Shoeboxam up until December 2013 is used in Fanver. Shoeboxam is remaking most of his old work for Invictus.

We currently do not have a customizer but realize there is a large demand for it. More details are in the project news. It is in the works, but will take time to complete.

  • Open NVidia control panel
  • Adjust image settings with preview
  • Select "Let 3D Application Decide

Feel free to visit our forums and ask for help or send a message through the contact page.

Soartex was originally designed for 64x- higher resolutions tend to become too noisy and lower resolution versions lack the defining detail. A 32x version TODO is in development. We do not plan on having any other resolutions as they do not adequately match the style.