Soartex Fanver & It's Future on Aug-29-2018
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Hello, beloved users of Soartex Fanver.

We have created a blog post on the status and future looks for Soartex Fanver.

You can read all about it here.

Thank You, The Soartex Team


Finishing Up 2014 on Jul-28-2015
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Seasonal greetings from the Soartex team! Just as many families around the globe are getting together for the festive season, the staff are also spending time with their own family. Things on the site are going to wind down this week. In short the staff will be on winter vacation from December 19th and reconvene on January 5th. During this time emails send to the support email will be responded to promptly after we come back on January 5th.

As we look back on the last year the we have come a far way. In


October Soartex Update on Jul-28-2015
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It has been a few months now since our last update post, but we are still here and still alive. Since the last update, we have had a fair amount of updates including our 1.8.x release of Soartex Fanver and Invictus. Along with that we have had some minor updates with our website/forums for bug fixes and changes to help make the experience better on our sites. We have also started back up our Twitch channel where are various staff will be streaming various content, from games, texturing, faq's


The Great Soartex Migration on Jun-14-2014
Event Post

Soartex Community,

It has been a month since our last update and we wanted to give an update on all things Soartex. Welcome to the brand new site! has been completely rebuilt with streamlined navigation and graphics to make the browsing experience better. This redesigned site flow has key pages to organize our downloads and content neatly. The forum is also receiving a new theme to match the site. Soartex is also expanding!

Soartex, the artistic style beneath Fanver, now has a second con


Curse Migration on May-26-2014
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Soartex Fanver Community,

We have some awesome things coming up in the near future. The possibility of a texture submission system, a brand new customizer and updates to the websites. Along with all these changes, there will be a lot of behind the scenes systems changes too. This involves some re-coding and general improvements, to make them more reliable and efficient. We can't wait to get this up and running again to show you guys!

An exciting announcement is that we have been in contact with Curse.


Soartex Lite on Apr-28-2014
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Today we mark the release of the Soartex Lite Pack, this version is designed to help out people with low end machines or for people who don't want to have all the animated textures and the connected textures. So if you are looking for this type of pack then you need to hit this button here to get hold of it.

If you have any problems using the pack please make a post on the forums and someone will help you out.


Soartex Fanver Team


Customizer For 1.8 on Mar-4-2014
Project Post


The customizer is a big part of Soartex Fanver and we want to make sure that it is all in near-perfect condition before releasing to the public. We are currently upgrading the code to match our new site theme and fixing bugs in the current code. This is going to take some time and our team of monkeys are hard at working getting it ready! Our new and improved customizer will allow us to add more textures to the system and to allow easier management so we can ensure you are getting the best alterna