Curse Migration on May-26-2014Soartex News

Soartex Fanver Community,

We have some awesome things coming up in the near future. The possibility of a texture submission system, a brand new customizer and updates to the websites. Along with all these changes, there will be a lot of behind the scenes systems changes too. This involves some re-coding and general improvements, to make them more reliable and efficient. We can't wait to get this up and running again to show you guys!

An exciting announcement is that we have been in contact with Curse. We will soon move our current systems to their servers. In return, we will help give advice and comments on their, soon to come, minecraft texture pack system. With this move we hope to increase the site reliability and reduce latency in downloads. We are very thankful for their generosity and look forward to better serving the community. We are looking at being able to move to their infrastructure very soon. During this move both the forums and site will be down for around 2-3 hours tops while everything is transferred. We're open to feedback about these changes. Please let us know what you think!

Site transition timeline:

  • First Stage: Moving the downloads (In progress)
  • Second Stage: Moving the webserver (website, forum, etc)

The decision to move to Curse has not been taken lightly, we have thought through many other options and the pros and cons of it. We found that, in moving, we can focus more on improving the experience of the community members using Soartex Fanver and increase the quality of what we provide. One huge step for us is removing With this, there will no longer be a 5 second advertisement on downloads. We are proud to finally eliminate the hassle!

The first task after moving the systems is to rebuild the modded patcher system. We hope to make the mod patcher to run faster, more efficiently and work from an API. Other future projects include a bug tracker and customizer. More details to come.

Shoeboxam, GoldBattle, Valsis and AlfW are returning to the Soartex Fanver staff team. They have been missed greatly and we are extremely happy to be working with them again. You can find information about our staff members here. While Shoeboxam and Goldbattle were away, they developed another continuation of Soartex: Invictus! This pack will be made available alongside with Soartex Fanver. Feel free to check it out!

If you have any questions regarding the Curse move or about anything else mentioned, please post a comment on this thread and we shall answer your questions to the best we can.

Thank you,

The Soartex Fanver Team