Our Tools

Tool Link Description
Issues Link The public issue tracker for the Soartex web systems.
Texture-Patcher Link Allows for the download, update and customization of modded textures in a texture pack. The main page is located here.
Soartex-Patcher Link The original modded patcher. This project was remade to create a universal version that all packs could use to support modded textures.
Customizer v1 Link The remake of the first version of the customizer. This is no longer in development and a private version of the patcher is under development.
Customizer v0 Link A json based customizer. No longer is in use, but at the time was the customizer used by both Soartex and The John Smith: Legacy.
Zip Manager v3 Link The third iteration of the manager. Allows updating of mod repo. Edit configs using ajax.
Zip Manager v2 Link The second iteration of the manager. This was the longest used system and allowed for individual updating.
Zip Manager v1 Link The first iteration of the manager. Allows updating of zip files from a modded repo.
1.5 Un-Stitcher Tool Link An easy way to upgrade a texture pack from 1.4.7 to 1.5.1. Allows for configs to be created that can un-stitch mod files into individual files. Download