The Great Soartex Migration on Jun-14-2014Event Post

Soartex Community,

It has been a month since our last update and we wanted to give an update on all things Soartex. Welcome to the brand new site! has been completely rebuilt with streamlined navigation and graphics to make the browsing experience better. This redesigned site flow has key pages to organize our downloads and content neatly. The forum is also receiving a new theme to match the site. Soartex is also expanding!

Soartex, the artistic style beneath Fanver, now has a second continuation. Invictus is now available alongside Fanver on the downloads page! has been rebranded to Soartex, to give room for this wider offering. Invictus reforms the Soartex art style with fresh graphics for longstanding blocks and items. Fanver persists as the community continuation of Soar49s Soartex. Be sure to experiment with both packs!

The new download pages are split into vanilla and modded. The vanilla download page has Fanver and Invictus, as well as Fanver Lite and Invictus Shader Mapped editions. The modded section contains universal packs with all Soartex mod support included. Modded pages are further split into Feed the Beast, ATLauncher and Technic.

The licenses page now contains the licenses for Fanver, Invictus and Soartex, and all three have been updated for clarity. Feel free to send any questions through the contact page .

Also a huge thank you to the guys at Curse for managing the transition to this new server and setup. Go check Curse out and what they offer here!

We are looking forward to using the spiffy new site with you!

The Soartex Team