Customizer For 1.8 on Mar-4-2014Project Post


The customizer is a big part of Soartex Fanver and we want to make sure that it is all in near-perfect condition before releasing to the public. We are currently upgrading the code to match our new site theme and fixing bugs in the current code. This is going to take some time and our team of monkeys are hard at working getting it ready! Our new and improved customizer will allow us to add more textures to the system and to allow easier management so we can ensure you are getting the best alternative textures to play with! As a whole the new system is faster and more organised so you start playing with the custom pack quicker than before. So we hope you stick around for the unveil of the new Soartex Fanver Customizer.

We do apologize about the long time down with the customizer but with the server move and upgrades to the systems this was put behind, but it is being worked on so don't panic it will be out soon. We will be posting updates on this post so check in on the post once in a while to see the current progress.

Edit: 30/03/2014: Sorry about the long wait everyone. The customizer is taking a little longer than expected because some of the code got messed up and we want to make it as easy as possible to use. For that reason, it will take longer than we expected. Please remain patient, and stay tuned! We are working hard to get it back up and running.


Soartex Fanver Team