October Soartex Update on Jul-28-2015Soartex News


It has been a few months now since our last update post, but we are still here and still alive. Since the last update, we have had a fair amount of updates including our 1.8.x release of Soartex Fanver and Invictus. Along with that we have had some minor updates with our website/forums for bug fixes and changes to help make the experience better on our sites. We have also started back up our Twitch channel where are various staff will be streaming various content, from games, texturing, faq's and coding. To know about our live streams feel free to follow us on Twitch and Twitter to get updates on when we go live. Our staff page has also been updated with links to our staffs own Twitter/Twitch accounts. Feel free to check them all out, and see what our staff members are doing.

Behind the scenes we have been working on our customizer system and a new user portal system. There will be a follow up post detailing some of the new ideas and setup for the customizer, but in lieu of that, some of the great features that we have already created is the: sharing of customized packs, minecraft version support, and multiple texture pack support! The new user system will tie together all our separate ends, and allows us as developers to easily implement permissions, and manage users. It is the stepping stone to things that are to come. Both of these are still in beta but we will follow up with an update on both of those once they have been thoroughly tested and put through their paces. We can't wait to get them out publicly as much as everybody wants them. Along with this we have rewritten the sites on top of a new framework that allows us to add features more efficiently.

A complete follow up on the customizer detailing on the status is to come, and we can't wait to show everybody what we have been working on behind the scenes. Make sure you leave feedback and ideas on the forum. It helps so much by spreading the word of the soartex packs, and lettings your friends know about the packs! Hit us up on the twitter, and let us know how you have been using the packs!

-The Soartex Team